How McDonald's Turned Social Conversations into Stories

March 2016

To launch the new product Chicken Fillet ala King, McDonald’s Philippines used social listening to see which trends they can ride on in order to drive massive awareness quickly. It turned out that fans of budding #AlDub love team wanted the couple to have a date in McDonalds. McDonalds then made it happen, to the delight of fans.


Drive awareness for Chicken Fillet ala King

Drive trial for Chicken Fillet ala King


Turned to social listening to identify content opportunities for the brand

Developed a YouTube video strategy which included TrueView


Attained best in class lift in brand awareness and brand recall,and above average lift for brand intent

Amassed 5.2M views and counting, garnering the top spot at the YouTube Ads Leaderboard for H2 2015 in the Philippines

Achieved 3x the sales target for Chicken Fillet ala King

"The biggest insight for us is that consumers nowadays can never get enough of content, and YouTube is the perfect channel to deliver video content."

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