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Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s Head of Digital Marketing, Amy Peet McNeil, shares her strategy for focusing on key micro-moments to better measure mobile and drive results.

Mobile Broke Our Measurement

The average car buyer today makes just two dealership visits in search for the perfect vehicle.1 This is a fundamental shift in consumer behavior: Shoppers today are doing their research on mobile and making decisions before they ever walk onto a dealer lot.

In the desktop era, our digital goals used to be simple: optimize to drive lower funnel site actions. Our KPIs rewarded things like using a dealer locator or searching for inventory on our site.

But in the mobile era, shoppers aren't always interested in these lower-funnel actions. They often just want to quickly check a fact or feature, like miles per gallon or engine size.

So those lower-funnel KPIs we were optimizing for no longer matched what our shoppers actually wanted. Our measurement literally was keeping us from doing what was useful for them. That's why we had to shift gears.

KPIs that Match Customer Needs

To identify the specific upper-funnel needs that we had to address for Ram 1500 customers, we worked with our Google team to analyze the five key automotive moments in their purchase journey. One that jumped out at us was is-it-right-for-me moments, with searches like these:

  • Ram 1500 towing capacity
  • Ram 1500 mpg
  • Ram 1500 redesign

Once we had identified these needs, we defined new KPIs that assigned value to these moments on mobile. And in doing so, we were able to shift our mobile budget to better meet and optimize for the real needs of our customers.

Seeing Growth

We've increased our search presence in these critical is-it-right-for-me moments by 180% in the segment. As you can imagine, that's translating to real business results. Ram conversions went up by 30%, and—in conjunction with all our other marketing efforts—Ram's market share has increased year on year.

Much of that started with framing our measurement through the lens of our shoppers and their needs, not through legacy KPIs. We all want to put the customer first, and now we can do that and drive better results for the business.

We now frame our measurement through the lens of our shoppers and their needs, not through legacy KPIs.

Growth Tips for Marketers

Know your micro-moments. Understand the key micro-moments for your industry and your customers' journeys. Then make sure your marketing strategy is tied to them.

Be there and be useful. Run some upper-funnel searches and see if your brand shows up. Make sure that your content matches what your customers are looking for, not what you want them to see.

Measure what matters. Ask yourself: are we measuring for outdated KPIs, or are we measuring what really matters to our shoppers? Work with your agency and Google to measure success with consumer micro-moments.