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How one U.K. fashion brand lifted revenue 70% using Discovery ads

The challenge

Ted Baker is a leading British fashion brand whose offline sales were massively impacted by COVID-19 lockdown measures. Prior to the pandemic, the majority of the brand’s marketing budget was spent on offline marketing. However, it needed to identify other channels to recoup this lost traffic through digital and deliver a strong return on ad spend (ROAS). With its existing Google Ads digital strategy originally focused on Search and Shopping campaigns, the brand turned to both Display and Discovery ads as new solutions to help the business.

How one U.K. fashion brand lifted revenue 70% using Discovery ads

The approach

Ted Baker built its new campaigns around new customer acquisition and closing the loop with its existing customer base. The brand was able to leverage the power of automation for its bids, creative, and first-party data, like customer lists. Ted Baker reengaged previous website visitors by using the same imagery from its social campaigns for the Discovery carousel layout, pairing rich creative with intent-based audiences and remarketing campaigns. After seeing success testing target return on ad spend (tROAS) bidding for its Display campaigns in mid-2020, Ted Baker also tested out tROAS bidding on Discovery ads to deliver a strong ROI across both solutions.

The results

Thanks to its omnichannel marketing campaign strategy, Ted Baker’s Discovery ads campaign not only proved that the company could drive traffic to the brand’s website at an effective cost-per-click, but also that it could drive incremental sales and a strong return on investment. After testing tROAS bidding for Discovery ads, Ted Baker saw a 62% increase in ROAS and a 70% increase in revenue. As a result, the fashion brand plans to launch Discovery ads globally as a core pillar of its always-on media strategy.

“Discovery ads help us efficiently drive traffic to our website by reusing proven creative from our other campaigns and full-funnel audiences. We’ve seen strong performance and are excited to continue using this innovative ad format.”
How one U.K. fashion brand lifted revenue 70% using Discovery ads

— Greg Turner, Senior PPC Executive at Ted Baker

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