Marketing Attribution: Valuing the Customer Journey

April 2012

To evaluate an investment, you've got to be able to measure the outcome. We worked with a leading research company to take a closer look at marketing attribution to help marketers better understand the impact of their investments across different channels. The results showed about 72% of marketers agree that it leads to better budget allocations.

We conducted research on marketing attribution in partnership with Econsultancy, a leading digital market research firm, and found some great insights into how advertisers and marketers can gauge the impact of customer marketing interactions on sales results while making more accurate investment decisions. Here are some top tips from our report and from our marketing attribution playbook:

  • 72% agree that marketing attribution leads to better budget allocations, 63% gained a better understanding of how digital channels work together, and 58% had clearer insights into their audience
  • Although only 14% of respondents consider "last click" attribution to be "very effective", it remains common; most likely because marketers haven't yet found or mastered the right attribution tools
The path to better measurement: Analytics and attribution