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Hilton knows hospitality and innovation. It was the first to put TVs in hotel rooms and the first to build airport hotels. Hilton CMO Geraldine Calpin talks to Google VP of Global Performance Solutions Jason Spero about how the brand is innovating—and how other marketers can do the same.

Hilton has a history of game-changing innovation. But even an innovative brand like Hilton has to find new ways to remain customers’ first choice. Consumers now control their lives from the palms of their hands and expect more from their experiences every day. Hilton is anticipating customer needs and other marketers should do the same, if they want to stay a step ahead. Here are three key implications for marketers:

Be obsessive about removing friction

Constantly think about how digital and technology can remove friction throughout the entire journey. The best marketers in today’s world of accelerating customer expectations ask themselves: “What will our consumers absolutely need tomorrow that they don’t even realize they want today?”

Break down organizational silos

One team, one focus, across the customer journey: That’s the key to serving customers in an omnichannel world. Instead of running separate marketing teams for branding, online, and offline, break down the walls and collaborate to make the end-to-end customer experience better.

Start building tomorrow’s preferences today

When you commit to providing amazing assistive experiences for customers, you create loyalty and stickiness. When customers move to next-level technologies like voice control rather than swipes, your brand will be top of mind.