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In a world of short attention spans and increasing options, advertising is undergoing a sea change. More and more, ads are becoming content that people choose to watch. In this playbook, we translate the tools and know-how developed by a generation of YouTube content creators to help brands as they develop content strategies that will resonate with 21st-century consumers.

Why YouTube?

Online video presents opportunities that television simply doesn't. YouTube is patronized by a hyper-engaged, highly-connected younger audience who craves the two-way communication YouTube offers. And unlike TV, YouTube lives everywhere because it's accessible on hundreds of millions of mobile devices globally.

This Playbook gives you in-depth guidance on every stage in defining and implementing a successful content strategy on YouTube. We look at how to create successful videos, how to devise an overall channel strategy, and how to promote your videos through both paid and non-paid avenues on YouTube. We'll also discuss how to measure your results and adjust your strategy accordingly.

As you read through this playbook, keep a few things in mind:

Technology is growing more personal

Online content helps people express emotion and connect with each other around shared passions. Users want to interact through sharing, commenting and joining a conversation. Your brand can leverage these passions and conversations to forge deeper bonds with consumers.

It's all about the user

Users are now in control. We call them users because they expect brands to inform, entertain and provide utility to them and they expect this when, where and how they want it. Use online video to be there for consumers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

While we don't have all the answers, we hope this playbook will provide you with new insights and help you navigate the new advertising landscape.