Reebok Incremental Reach Study

March 2012

As more and more people are turning their computers on and their TVs off, brands like Reebok are finding it harder to reach their target. We worked with them to see how YouTube and the Google Display Network could improve their reach. By implementing placements across these platforms, we found that reach went up 2.1% points overall and 60% amongst light TV viewers - proving that shuffling ad dollars online can help them reach their target better than TV alone.


Reach male 18-24 audience

Engage light TV viewers


Measure impressions of TV viewers

Measure combination of YouTube, GDN and TV

Measure impact YouTube + GDN alone


YouTube + GDN delivered 2.1% pts incremental reach for 41% less cost than TV

YouTube + GDN delivered 8.7% reach for 30% less cost than TV

YouTube + GDN achieved a Cost per Point to target 78% lower than TV

Did you know? There are 4.6x more light TV viewers than heavy TV viewers in the male 18-24 audience. As a consequence, for a brand like Reebok, 41% of their target can be very hard to reach on TV. We worked with Reebok to help them use YouTube and the Google Display Network to expose their brand to a physically fit, professional and affluent audience at an efficient cost. Here are the results:

  • 24% of viewers on YouTube/GDN had not seen the TV campaign, which amounts to about 300,000 males ages 18-24.
  • Half of the TRPs were delivered to the light TV and light medium TV viewers.
  • YouTube/Google Display Network added 2.1% points of incremental reach to TV, with more than 60% of the incremental reach coming from the lightest TV quintile.
  • The projection analysis shows that if Reebok was to shift their current media buy from 90% TV/10% YouTube/GDN to a weight of 53/47, they can even out the TRPs distribution across light versus heavy TV viewers, which leads to a more efficient buy to reach their audience.


Light TV Viewers in 2012 Study: A Major Shift to Online from TV