Nicky Rettke

Nicky Rettke

Product Director, YouTube Ads

1 Google Data, Global, compared 941 campaigns that added product feeds versus without product feeds, March 2021–April 2021.

2 Google Data, Global, data from 350 Video action and Discovery campaigns adhering to budget best practices with a minimum of 20 conversions; incremental conversions are defined as conversions earned at or below the marginal cost for a conversion, Feb. 2021–March 2021.

3 Google/Talk Shoppe, AR, AU, BR, CA, CL, CO, FR, IN, IT, JP, KR, MX, PE, ES, U.K., U.S., Why Video study, 16 markets, n=32,075 A18–64 gen pop video users, March 2020–Aug. 2020.

4 Google/Talk Shoppe, U.S., Why Video study, n=2,000 A18–64 gen pop video users, Feb. 2020.