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7 takeaways from this year's top creative teams, from diversity and inclusion – to working with superstars.

In a year unlike any other, creatives transformed the way incredible work is produced. We've curated learnings from 7 insightful Meet the Makers episodes into a list of the top lessons to take with you into 2021.

Here's what you need to know;

Lesson 1. Rally all your decision makers

Stay Home of the Whopper – FCB New York for Burger King

It's no big secret: A closer client/agency relationship generates mutual trust and, ultimately, better work. FCB and BK decision-makers used a group chat to decide 'everything'. Hear them unpack how ditching email actually worked:

Lesson 2. Do the work internally before you push a message externally

The Look, The Choice – Saturday Morning/Cartwright Grey for P&G

For P&G, diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords. It's ingrained in company culture. Understand how this helped them build one of the most powerful ads of the year:

Lesson 3. When you buy talent, let them be themselves.

Did somebody say – Just Eat? – McCann London for Just Eat

When you hire Snoop, you get Snoop. As Just Eat's Susan O'Brien tells it 'Where I landed was, this guy is a legend. I have to trust his judgement.' Discover how bringing on a powerhouse transforms the creative process:

Lesson 4. Unearth category norms, then break them.

#wombstories – AMV BBDO for Bodyform

In the period category it had always been: How can I absorb it? How can I stop worrying about leakage? No-one was ever asking: How are you feeling about having your periods? For AMV BBDO, that became the brief. Hear how they tackled it and have the source of inspiration revealed:

Lesson 5. Create with the future in mind

Open Like Never Before – 72andSunny Amsterdam for Coca-Cola

Instead of creating something that simply reflected a moment; the creative team focused on the idea of creating something which reflected a mindset hat being – a positive future is something everyone can take away from 2020. Uncover what that meant for the work:

Lesson 6. Put people at the heart

Good Morning World – Special Group for Tourism New Zealand

Having fallen into the habit of highlighting too much of New Zealand's beautiful scenery, there was a need for Tourism New Zealand to elevate the beautiful people and culture as well. Discover what a smiling Kiwi every day for an entire year meant for the creative...and all the shoot days:

Lesson 7. Mood doesn't always need to match tone

What We Do Next – Saatchi & Saatchi for Deutsche Telekom

When building an emotional connection, brands are often tempted to simply reflect the mood they want their audience to feel in the tone of the ad. Find out how Saatchi & Saatchi harnessed a truly apathetic tone, and what it delivered:

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