YouTube ads leaderboard - TrueView for Action edition

December 2018

This special edition of the YouTube Ads Leaderboard showcases the top 2018 TrueView for Action ads from the U.S. TrueView for Action ads have clickable elements that give viewers the ability to take action directly while watching a video ad. Since launching this format, many brands are building creative to earn attention — and drive engagements, like clicks and conversions. These were the top ads determined by an algorithm that factors total reach, clicks, and engagements.

1. Grammarly - "Enhance your writing"

Grammarly TRV Still
Monday TRV Still
League of Legends TRV Still

4. Nectar Sleep - "Make America sleep again"

Nectar TRV Still
World of Warship TRV Still
Honey TRV Still
Wix TRV Still

8. Netflix - "The kissing booth"

Netflix TRV Still

9. GlassesUSA - "You need new glasses"

GlassesUSA TRV Still
Udemy TRV Still
YouTube ads leaderboard: October 2018