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It's time to rethink "The Line"

Once upon a time in marketing, there was "The Line,” and communications sat either above or below it. But then along came digital media and with it, a new line. Today, shopping journeys have changed. People jump online and offline across platforms on their way to buying the things they want and need. For marketers, it’s time to give "The Line” a rethink. What if we just focused on the line our customers are treading?

Level up your commerce strategy with Rachel Corbett

We’re talking business in our brand new three-part series, "On the line." Join our host and a surprising cast of special guests to rethink commerce over conversations about case studies and the latest consumer insights.

Be there by making your brand discoverable online

Meet consumers’ rising expectations wherever and whenever they explore and evaluate their options.

Connect online and offline experiences

Build stronger relationships with your customers and boost both digital and in-store performance by building continuous connections.

Future-proof your business to thrive

Set the stage for long-term growth with a game plan that goes beyond the pandemic.

Dive into more insights

Stay ahead of evolving consumer behaviours with the latest research and strategies.