Consumer trends shaping the future today: Leisuressence

Nicole Fall, Martin Roll / July 2018

Leisuressence is a reinterpretation of leisure experiences that straddles categories. See what this new trend means for your business.

At the heart of Leisuressence is the reinvention of free time, creating a new wave of leisure activities. Time-strapped, experience-seeking consumers demand multi-faceted leisure occasions, including travel, dining, fitness, and culture, that can be reinvented into experiences that straddle categories.

Flights are no longer just a means to get to new countries—they’re also the gateway to new experiences, and holidays are now becoming opportunities to learn new skills, follow an influencer’s digital footsteps, or get fit. Daily routines are also becoming large experiences—dining establishments have become social media-worthy backdrops, and fitness centers are now digital playgrounds for adults. This merging of multiple experiences is what successful brands of the future will have to cater to.

See how the trend is developing.



Singapore’s Pure Fitness gym has launched the country’s first “immersive fitness” concept. Cinema-quality video content is projected onto a screen in a cycling studio, giving patrons the sensation of riding over steep glaciers and through a space age city in an interesting mix of exercise, gaming, and fantasy. This kind of immersive fitness experience blurs the lines between the wellness and leisure industries.


To cater to those seeking a taste of France without the jetlag and the expense, Japanese business First Airline offers two-hours “flights” to Paris, Rome, Hawaii, and New York. Once onboard, passengers sit in first- and business-class seats in an airplane mock-up and are served four-course dinners before immersing themselves in 360-degree virtual reality tours of the city—all for just 6,600 yen ($62).


Leisure industries, including dining, travel, and fitness, will shift their roles from consolidators and hosts to experience coordinators. Going forward, the new customer journey could see consumers booking a beach holiday on Traveloka and soon after receiving a coupon for a sunhat or summer outfit from Zalora.

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