Consumer trends shaping the future today

Nicole Fall, Martin Roll / July 2018

Everyone says hindsight is 20/20, but what about foresight? We looked forward to identify the emerging consumer trends that are poised to change our rapidly evolving world.

Asia is home to some of the world’s fastest-developing economies. Here, e-commerce and communication set global trends instead of follow them. In a landscape this dynamic, making sense of rapidly changing consumers and products is challenging. Conventional business models often do not exist in newer economies, and the canvas is blank, creating a vast potential for invention. This is particularly apparent across Asia as messaging, payment, communication, and retail platforms merge, disrupting preconceived industry norms and practices. Throw away the Western notions of how to do business because the rules are being rewritten by consumers across this region.

See the future today

We’re surrounded by customer data and signals that can help us decode how the marketing landscape will change in the coming years. To do that you need a special kind of foresight, which can only come from a comprehensive study of present scenarios and experience.

Get a glimpse of the future today with these emerging trends that have the power to shape the future of how consumers interact with and what they expect from businesses.

Retailarity: The point where retail and machine intelligence merge to turn every environment into a shopping opportunity

Shoppingmas: Consumer moments that combine deals with entertainment to create carnival-esque experiences

Part-time Preneurs: Consumers who have full-time jobs and businesses on the side

Leisuressence: A reinterpretation of leisure experiences that straddles categories

Curated For Me: A practice in which customized experiences and acceptance of AI recommendations are the norm rather than the exception

Mindful Impact: The practice in which socially conscious brands respond to consumers’ increased awareness and sensitivity to global issues

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Consumer trends shaping the future today: Leisuressence