Consumer trends shaping the future today: Curated For Me

Nicole Fall, Martin Roll / July 2018

Curated For Me is a practice in which a customized shopping experience and an acceptance of AI recommendations are the norm and not the exception. See what this new trend means for your business.

Advancements in technology have enabled one-to-one messaging, and on-demand product and content personalization is now possible. Fully tailored content, customized messages, and shopping experiences that have been selected specifically for a consumer’s personality, interests, and lifestyle are becoming the norm, not the exception.

At the same time, consumer willingness to accept recommendations from bots and avatars is also growing as AI formats are becoming more relevant than traditional models and influencers. The brands and businesses that are able to tap into this trend and satisfy the individual desires of each customer will succeed.

See how the trend is developing.



In Malaysia, Spotify just partnered with a Kuala Lumpur-based mall, IPC shopping center, to recommend restaurants to consumers based on their playlists, using insights from Professor Robin Dando of Cornell University about how a person’s mood affects their sense of taste.


Previously, most brand communication was a one-way interaction from brand to consumers. But the dynamic has now shifted from mass to personal communication. One of the most exciting applications of Curated For Me is the growth of influencers and celebrities that are just as niche as consumer demands.

Miquela Sousa is a great example of this shift. The 19-year-old Los Angeles-based Brazilian and Spanish model and musician fills her Instagram feed with an endless stream of “outfit-of-the-day” shots, pictures of herself at events, and posts supporting social causes. Her Instagram followers, which currently number over 535,000, are dubbed “Miquelites.” But Miquela isn’t real. She’s an avatar. She’s the first of potentially millions—if not billions—of new models and influencers who can be personalized as needed.

With the ability to create customized shopping portals that feature either models made from composites of images that resemble ourselves or the people we aspire to be based on things we’ve liked in the past, e-commerce platforms could visually connect with potential buyers in completely new ways.


Imagine a future where travel platforms and ride-hailing companies have a more personalized touch. It’s a future in which travel platforms will shift their roles from travel consolidators to being concierges and curating services under one platform, owning the travel experience from start to finish.

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