Year in Search: Australia

David Mattin, Kira Walter, Jess Duarte / March 2020

People turn to Google Search billions of times a day — across every device and context of life — to find and discover what they care about.

Our new Year in Search report, a Google and TrendWatching collaboration, reveals five key trends that are surfacing across Australia.

From increasing consumer expectations around quality, convenience, and personalization to a desire for greater transparency from the companies they buy from, Aussies are looking to connect with brands in new ways. Search queries also show how Aussie values around wellness and sustainability are evolving, as well as how people’s desire to construct their own unique identities is increasing.

With the right insights, brands can build stronger connections with Aussies by anticipating what matters at every step.


Download the report to learn more about what Aussies expect from brands, and see how you can uncover more growth opportunities for your brand.

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