Astro reaches new customers on the go with Google

June 2016

Astro, the go-to Pay TV box set in Malaysia took an innovative approach to its digital campaign in view of increasing usage of its subscription video app Astro On The Go (AOTG). Here, find out how Astro efficiently increased the installation of AOTG for both existing Astro customers and new customers.


Priority 1: Drive performance through driving app installs of AOTG

Priority 2: Create impactful brand awarene


Leverage Astro’s exclusive and abundant content offers to attract current and non-users to adopt and download AOTG

Entice potential users with content-led key visuals and messaging; key messages set across all ads revolved around content-driven themes


Performance goal: UAC garnered a significant volume of app installs at a conversion rate of 16.71% - significantly higher than the industry average of 11%

Awareness goal: the GDN campaign saw a CTR of 0.50%

Results: achieved a highly competitive overall average Cost Per Install (CPI) of RM2.02, more than 40% lower than Google’s Southeast Asia industry average CPI of RM3.50. The English language app install ads hit the lowest CPI of RM1.92 during the campaign period

In 2012, AOTG was launched to fulfill the ‘TV anywhere’ multiscreen proposition for Astro customers who want to enjoy entertainment content on their smartphones and tablets. AOTG also serves as an online video platform for non-Astro customers.

To efficiently increase the installation of AOTG for customers, and attract non-Astro customers, Astro created a Universal App Campaign (UAC) via Google Ads1 in October 2015. This was executed alongside an awareness campaign driven on digital platforms such as the Google Display Network (GDN). UAC resulted in a higher-than-industry-average conversion rate of 16.71%; the GDN campaign saw a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 0.50%.

Created differentiated messages for targeted campaign optimization

While AOTG was designed specifically for digital consumers who heavily use their smartphones/tablets to watch videos, it was still imperative to differentiate advertisements across different digital platforms to maximize effectiveness.

Consistent key messages and themes - driven by Astro’s exclusive content - were designed across mobile platforms, increasing interest and adoption. Utilizing Google’s UAC allowed Astro to reach the right users across Google’s platforms – whether they were searching for specific information, watching a YouTube video, browsing the web or checking emails – AOTG was able to drive installs at scale. 


In addition to prospecting new users, separate remarketing and non-remarketing campaigns were created for users who were previously served an Astro ad versus those who were not.

The outcome?

Better receptivity of ads for the retargeted vs non-retargeted audiences. Action was taken in a timely manner through re-allocation of budget to different ad groups during the campaign.

Measurement of success!

Due to the success of this campaign, Astro has since invested in running this campaign on a continuous basis during the year as a key part of their marketing strategy.

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