Malaysia's Digi Drives 120% Growth In App Downloads With Universal App Campaign

June 2017

To drive downloads of their MyDigi app, Malaysian telco Digi decided to streamline their campaign setup, tracking and optimizing with Google Universal App Campaigns. The campaign was launched in March 2016 and within a month, there was a 122% increase in app downloads.


To drive new MyDigi app downloads

To reach 1.5 million monthly active users in 2016


Launched Universal App Campaigns to automatically target the most relevant ad inventory across Google

Used the automated system to rotate ads and adjust bids to get the highest number of downloads


Downloads increased by 122% a month after implementation

Cost Per Install was under 1 MYR with Cost Per Transaction under 0.75 USD

New app users acquired via this campaign transacted 7% more than average app users

New app users acquired via this campaign had 15% more sessions than average app users

Digi, one of Malaysia’s leading telecommunications providers with over 12M subscribers, is committed to creating a seamless mobile internet environment that ensures true connectivity. Digi acknowledges that it is crucial to understand and adapt to their mobile savvy customers in today’s digital age. Having observed an increasing number of customers using their mobile platform to make monthly data purchases and bill payments, Digi launched their first self-service mobile app, the MyDigi app, in 2014.

Digi started out with several digital campaigns to promote the new app, however, this required them to optimize each platform separately. “We were testing multiple Search, Display & Video formats to assess where we can get the most optimized downloads at the best cost-per-install (CPI),” shares Megat Imran, search strategist at Digi.

In a bid to streamline their campaign setup, tracking and optimization for promoting the MyDigi Android and iOS apps, Digi was quick to adopt Universal App Campaigns (UAC) in March 2016. The Universal App Campaigns format was launched to make it easier for advertisers to promote their apps across top properties including Search, Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network, all within one campaign.

“We wanted a solution that was fast and efficient,” shares Megat. “With Universal App Campaigns, we could promote MyDigi Android or iOS apps across Google’s top properties. All we needed to do was to add a few lines of text, a bid, and optional creative. The rest is optimized to help Digi customers find MyDigi easily at the best performing ROI.”

“When we adopted UAC, we found that the spike of the downloads increased by 122% and our cost-per-download dropped tremendously. We gained more downloads from our maximum investment which gives us highest ROI,” reveals Megat.

“We used various channels to promote the app, including direct channels such as SMS, Google Play store organic, Google Ads1 and a couple of other paid media channels. While direct channels like SMS contribute the most to our active user base, the contribution from Google Ads Universal app campaigns is growing. More importantly, the quality of the users – based on certain engagement metrics such as transactions and sessions – is even better than those from our direct channels.”

Universal app campaigns deliver optimal results at the lowest cost-per-install with the least input from advertisers.

“The UAC is easy to execute: we don’t have to spend time optimizing or figuring out the best way to get the best ROI,” comments How Lih Ren, head of iTelco at Digi. “This allows for the team to focus on app development to get the best user experience.”

Having reached their target of 1.5M monthly active users in 2016, Digi is continuing UAC and will be testing out an enhanced version of the feature. “With UAC I can re-engage users who have downloaded the MyDigi app to return to the app for more rewards, customer service or to make their monthly online payments!” said Lih Ren.

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