2020 Year in Search Indonesia – Looking back to move your business forward

Randy Jusuf / February 2021

With 2020 behind us, we still find ourselves asking more questions amidst relentless uncertainty. Across Asia-Pacific, our regional Year in Search report found people were turning to Search to find answers to “what now?” as they prepare themselves for what’s around the corner.

While we may not have found all the answers, we set out to explore how the trends we uncovered across APAC were playing out in Indonesia. We found a shared desire of Indonesians to understand our current situation and collective experiences, providing marketers with insights into how they can connect with consumers in a more personal way.

Here are five trends from our Indonesian report that provide a nuanced look at how consumers’ behavior is changing with local proof points and examples to help inform your marketing strategy for 2021 and beyond.

1. Individual matters

COVID-19 reaffirmed a simple truth: no two human experiences are the same. Search trends reveal that people are placing increasing importance on individual perspectives — such as a 40% increase in searches around “rasisme adalah” (what is racism?) and 25% increase in searches related to “gender equality”.

2. Higher purpose

As a global crisis tests their values, people are looking for ways to do more for their communities and the environment – and they expect the same from brands. There was a focus on how people could help locally with a 200% increase in searches for “menyumbangkan” (donate) and a 95% increase in searches for “buatan Indonesia” (made in Indonesia) as people sought out local products.

3. Whole selves

Lines are blurring in the roles people play. Consumers no longer want to be seen as a singular audience (such as a “parent” or “teacher”), but instead someone who plays many different roles each day. The 330% increase in searches like “kegiatan anak di rumah” (children’s activities at home) tell a story of how parents are juggling their priorities at home. Consumers are looking for brands to meet these specific needs at any one time, so are searching for brands that fit into their lives, and not the other way around.

4. Sweet relief

Amid the historic challenges of the pandemic, consumers are welcoming brands that spark joy in their lives and create a safe space for them. Search interest for “podcasts” (+105%) and “tanaman rumah” (house plants, +120%) spiked in 2020.

5. Future-proofing

In a year that nobody could have planned for, there's been a new wave of interest in managing the things you can control, wherever possible, and seeking more assurance from brands to ensure peace of mind. There was a 200% increase in searches for “daftar usaha” (business registrations) as people begin their side businesses to cope with the present, and prepare for the future.

Dive into the complete Year in Search 2020 insights from Indonesia by downloading the report and vertical specific insights down below.

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Download Year in Search 2020 – Indonesia report (in Bahasa Indonesia) here

Contributors: Muriel Makarim, Large Customer Marketing Manager; Chelsea Ng, Marketing Specialist; Vania Anindiar, Industry Analyst; Celina Hidajat, Marketing Specialist

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