Valentine's Day Search Trends Reveals Hearts of Hong Kongers

Iris Yang / January 2018

In the past two years, Valentine’s Day-related searches grew 37% in Hong Kon

Last year, nearly 70% of all Valentine’s Day-related searches were conducted on mobile devices.

Most Valentine’s Day-related searches peak on February 13th.

In the past two years, searches for DIY and handmade gift ideas have grown by 35%.

Last year, recipes and DIY projects accounted for nearly one-third of all Valentine’s Day content views on YouTube.

Even in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, people love taking time to enjoy the special celebration that is Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day-related searches in the region nearly doubled in the last year,1 and on a day that’s ripe with romance, what better time to plan the ultimate celebration of love? Hong Kongers agreed: In 2017, there was a 27% increase in the number of marriages on Valentine’s Day.2

Based on the latest Google Search and YouTube data, we've broken down how Hong Kongers prepare for the holiday, when they start their research, and how marketers can position their brands to stand out in key moments.

Hong Kongers are last-minute, mobile shoppers

Most Valentine’s Day-related searches for flowers, cards, gift wrapping and delivery services peak on February 13th—the eve of Valentine's Day. However, we observe that searches for higher consideration gifts such as “jewelry”, “make up” and “fragrances” take place significantly earlier.1


At the same time, more Hong Kongers are going on mobile to do their research.


Key takeaways: Align your search bids with key dates to ensure your brand is there when people are urgently looking for gift ideas or ways to celebrate the special occasion. Big-ticket items like jewelry or gifts like cosmetics and fragrances take a little more time to research and plan, while research time for flowers, cards and gift wrapping and delivery services are considerably shorter, or even last-minute. It’s also crucial to keep your search ads updated with relevant offers and messaging, and to speed up your mobile site to offer users a smooth, seamless online experience.

It’s all about gift giving—and guys are the lucky ones

From roses to diamond rings, it’s no surprise that “gift ideas” is one of the most highly watched Valentine’s Day topics on YouTube.What’s also interesting is that over the last few years, we’ve seen a growing trend in more people searching for gifts for men.1 In 2017, searches for “gifts for him” was 1.5X higher than “gifts for her”. Now, how does that song go? “Some guys have all the luck…"


Key takeaway: Hong Kongers are looking for help to celebrate their loved ones in special and unique ways. Developing useful, relevant branded content and offering ideas and inspiration online is a great way to help undecided consumers find the perfect gift for the special man in their lives.

Hong Kongers love handmade, personalized gifts

Sometimes the best gifts are those with a personal touch—even a simple home-cooked meal. In the past two years, searches for DIY and handmade gift ideas in February are up 35% in Hong Kong.3 And last year, recipes and DIY projects accounted for nearly one-third of all Valentine’s Day content views on YouTube.1


Key takeaway: Hong Kongers are hungry (sometimes literally) for ways they can put a personal touch on Valentine’s Day. Creating compelling instructional content, including recipe videos and helpful how-tos, is one of the best ways your brand can be there to lend a hand.

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