Year in Search: 2018 insights for brands

December 2018

As the largest and fastest growing internet economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is making rapid strides in digital growth and connectivity.

Today, the internet has become an integral part of a large number of Indonesians’ daily lives. They use it to search for products, research topics of interest, purchase products, satisfy their entertainment needs, and acquire new skills through online tutorials. The internet is becoming the driving force for many sectors of the country’s economy as digital influences the purchasing journey of a large number of Indonesians.

It’s imperative for businesses to understand the online behavior of Indonesians and adapt their businesses to cater to consumers’ needs. The Year in Search: Insights for Brands 2018 report is a detailed summary of what Indonesians are searching for online, how they are breaking old stereotypes, and what’s capturing their attention. This report is essential reading for all businesses and brands seeking to succeed and grow in the rapidly evolving Indonesian market.

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