How Asian Paints found its home on YouTube

November 2018

Asian Paints is a leading paint manufacturer in India and one of the largest in all of Asia. In operation since 1942, the company has been a long-time producer of YouTube content. See how Asian Paints raised brand interest throughout the second season of its “Where the Heart Is” campaign.

From paint to home decor: Homing in on Indian aspirations

Asian Paints used a YouTube-first strategy to strengthen its relationship with current customers already familiar with its paint products, and to attract a wider audience interested in do-it-yourself projects and home decor. The company that popularized the tagline “Har Ghar Kuch Kehta hai” (“Every home says something about its owner”), Asian Paints wanted to create an emotional connection with people through inspiring long-form video content. To do so, the brand targeted YouTube viewers specifically interested in home decor as a hobby with a series of seven online videos featuring Indian celebrities in their homes.

Featuring stars like actress Radhika Apte and legendary cricket player Sourav Ganguly, Asian Paints’ “Where the Heart Is” campaign gave audiences the opportunity to find design inspiration by touring celebrity homes on YouTube. To ensure continued engagement throughout the campaign, the company spread out the publication of each video.

“Where the Heart Is” video featuring Radhika Apte
“Where the Heart Is” video featuring Sourav Ganguly

Where the heart is: In millions of viewers

Throughout the campaign, Asian Paints generated more than 40 million views (22% from organic traffic). Additionally, the company’s channel gained an additional 39,500 subscribers (comprising 22% of its total lifetime subscribers). Overall, Asian Paints experienced a brand lift increase of 20%.

How to build a community of engaged viewers

By establishing a publication timeline for each video in its “Where the Heart Is” campaign and by setting a target audience on YouTube, the Asian Paints team successfully built an engaged user base. Here’s two tips on how to build or expand your audience on YouTube.

  • Learn your audience’s behaviors. You need to understand your potential consumer. Observe how your target audience is interacting across the web, and explore the topics that inspire them. For Asian Paints, that meant observing changes in the way people were interacting with DIY and home decor content on YouTube. The company designed inspirational stories around their products, and leveraged the popularity of Indian celebrities to optimize viewer engagement. 
  • Plan a schedule for content. Know exactly how much content is going out and when you’re launching it. Asian Paints planned for seven videos and published them using a precise timeline. By limiting the number of YouTube videos in its collection and publishing at a regular cadence, the company attracted new subscribers while avoiding viewer fatigue.
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