How Ferns N Petals delivered on Mother’s Day with YouTube

November 2018

Since 1984, Ferns N Petals has been one of India’s leading flower and gift retailers. For Mother’s Day, the brand used YouTube performance ads to generate a 230% lift in brand interest. Here’s how they did it.

Targeting a lower-funnel, high-intent audience

With more than 250 outlets in 97 cities across the country — and delivering to more than 170 countries around the world — Ferns N Petals has grown into one of the largest flower retailers. Mother’s Day is a significant contributor to its business — routinely its third-highest sales day every year. Seeing an opportunity to improve its audience targeting, the company turned to YouTube to increase traffic to its website on Mother’s Day. Using YouTube performance ads, Ferns N Petals hoped to focus on driving leads and conversions. By promoting services unique to the company (like its three-hour delivery service) and marketing more personalized gifts and gift baskets (alongside its core floral products), it hoped to encourage lower-funnel actions for high-intent YouTube viewers.

Aligning with shopper interest around Mother’s Day to enhance results

By the end of its Mother’s Day campaign, Ferns N Petals saw remarkable results from its YouTube efforts, including:

  • 12% brand consideration lift
  • 20% increase in incremental transactions
  • 25% increase in incremental traffic
  • 230% brand interest lift

“Mother’s Day was a great opportunity for us to experiment with YouTube to achieve our goal of driving transactions and traffic as it is our second-biggest peak of the year,” said Manish Saini, VP of e-commerce at Ferns N Petals. “It’s encouraging to see uplift, not only with brand metrics like brand interest and consideration, but also with performance metrics like transactions and traffic. We are excited to continue investing in this channel to drive strong results in the future.”

Create targeted messaging to capture short attention spans

Ferns N Petals was able to boost its brand lift and increase its revenue by using strategies targeting high-intent audience segments. If you’re turning to YouTube, here are two solutions to consider.

  • Custom intent and seasonal in-market segmentation: Once you’ve identified the audience you want to engage, use more advanced features like YouTube’s custom intent and seasonal in-market segmentation to identify the right moments to connect with potential customers. For Ferns N Petals, they identified a specific set of shoppers searching for Mother’s Day gifts: people on the internet intentionally looking to make those gift purchases online.  
  • TrueView for action: Create short and simple creative aimed at driving buyer actions directly from YouTube. Performance ads are built for shorter attention spans and are delivered to high-intent audiences (people already in the consideration phase of the purchase journey). Ferns N Petals designed its performance ads with clear CTAs to drive action from YouTube to its website and reach its campaign goals.
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