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Consumers act on needs in micro-moments throughout the day. The question for marketers is: Are you prepared to identify, deliver on, and measure these moments? New research commissioned by Google and conducted by Forrester Consulting shows companies' progress in shifting to a mobile world.

Mobile has fundamentally transformed consumer behavior and expectations. We don't "go online" anymore; we live online. We act on our needs in micro-moments. This shift in consumer behavior affects not only mobile marketing strategies, but also how organizations think about their marketing strategies at large. It's in these I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, and I-want-to-buy moments that brands can win hearts, minds, and dollars. But new research illustrates that most organizations aren't "moments-ready."

In June 2015, Google commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how prepared marketers are to deliver against rising consumer expectations in moments of intent—the times when people turn to their devices to act on a need to learn, discover, find, or buy something. To further explore this trend around mobile engagement, Forrester tested the assertion that marketers in these organizations must focus on three key areas—identifying key moments of intent, delivering on needs in the moment, and measuring all moments—to create a customer experience that's relevant and useful at every touchpoint in this new path to purchase.

Key findings:

  • Companies recognize the sense of urgency that mobile imparts on the new path to purchase. In fact, 70% of companies have begun to transform their businesses and experiences.
  • Companies that make steps toward becoming moments-ready reap tangible benefits in the form of more profitable ROI in both mobile investment and overall marketing investment.

Check out the Google/Forrester study, "Moments That Matter: Intent-Rich Moments Are Critical to Winning Today’s Consumer Journey," below.