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Search interest for “my activity,” where users can manage information saved to their Google Account, like search and browsing history, has increased by more than a thousand percent worldwide.

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Last year, people made 2.5 billion visits to their Google Account pages, where they can view or adjust how their ads are personalized.

Leading markers are 1.5X as likely as the mainstream to increase investments in capabilities like machine learning to predict customer needs.

The top 100 most mature marketers on the maturity curve are 4X as likely to exceed business goals, increase market share, and increase revenue as the 100 least mature marketers.

Leaders are 1.7X as likely as laggards to measure marketing campaigns against a common business goal.

Leaders are 1.4X as likely as laggards to use proxy metrics, such as search demand, to make business decisions when outcomes can’t be measured directly.

Leaders are 1.3X as likely as laggards to use proxy metrics to fill data gaps in their measurement strategy.