Daniel's can-I-afford-it moments

October 2016

With a family of five and only one small car, Daniel decided it was time to upgrade to something bigger. He had a strict budget in mind and used his smartphone to compare prices on larger vehicles, so he and his family could travel together in comfort.

Consumers don't make auto purchase decisions lightly, especially when they're on a budget. Often, they'll start searching with a specific price in mind and then weigh the options to make sure they're getting the best deal. Auto brands aiming to win consumers in can-I-afford-it moments need to provide financial information that's easy to find and understand. In this instance, Daniel has his heart set on a certain brand and vehicle that perfectly meets his other criteria, but it'll come down to whether or not he can afford it.

For auto marketers, it's critical to make online finance options for your brands and products straightforward. Consumers don't want to spend hours trawling through your website just to see if they can afford the car they want, so make it simple for them: make sales and promotions easy to find on mobile, provide tools like finance calculators, or have a simple one-click phone number so they can talk to a real person.

70% of searches for car MSRP and list price are done on mobile.

Source: Google Internal Data, September 2015, United States.

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