Chris' is-it-right-for-me moments

October 2016

Chris and his partner were expecting their first child, and wanted a car that would suit their new life. He used his smartphone to compare characteristics of different vehicles to ensure he was making the best choice for his family.

Consumers might not have a brand in mind when they're buying a car, and instead may focus on specific features or attributes which are important to them. Like in this instance, Chris was looking for a car which had a strong safety record and four doors. He used his smartphone in his is-it-right-for-me moment and compared the safety ratings of different brands and models, so that he could build his own consideration set to choose from when it came time to buy.

For consumers who undertake their auto search based on specific "non-negotiable" attributes rather than brand preference, being able to easily find specifics about vehicle features is critical. Auto brands can grab consumers' attention by highlighting the key values they stand for (family-friendly, inner-city living, outback adventure) as well as vehicle features (TVs, fold-down seats, top-of-the-line sound system). Only then will they be in the running when it comes time for the consumer to purchase.

6 out of 10 car shoppers enter the market unsure which car to buy.

Source: Millward Brown Digital and Polk, "Automotive Shopper Path to Purchase," US, September 2015.

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