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Safe-sex products that keep your love life under wraps.

The Story

In Singapore, condom advertising is banned from broadcast media, which makes marketing the prophylactic practically impossible. Okamoto needed another way to reach its audience of young adults. We knew that most Singaporeans live with their parents into their 30s, making privacy a premium. Singapore is still a largely conservative society, meaning that when Singaporeans have sex, they have to keep things under wraps. We created a campaign based on new, fun products that gave Singaporeans more chances to hide out and have fun, providing them with more opportunities to use Okamoto condoms.

Okamoto freedom project 1
Okamoto freedom project 2

The three products were designed to help in relevant scenarios. Urban Camouflage is a car screen that makes your car look empty for nighttime drives. The Nightcap is a coaster with a hidden condom, sold at bars and clubs. And to make the most of an empty house, use TipOff: the smartphone app that keeps an eye out when you've got your hands full. We created online videos and banners, used social media and engaged popular bloggers who endorsed our solution to the Singapore-wide problem. The buzz drove our audience to the Okamoto Freedom Project microsite, where they could purchase the products.

The Technology

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The Results

Soon after its launch, the Okamoto Freedom Project was picked up by popular websites and forums. On top of successful bar promos for Nightcap reaching 100,000 people, our blogger engagement programme was a great driver for online traffic. Numerous lifestyle magazines gave the Project coverage and thousands of TipOff downloads came from Singapore and around the region. The Project as a whole reached an audience of over one million without any need for traditional advertising. Best of all, the Okamoto Freedom Project led to an increase in the number of Okamoto condoms in our audience’s pockets.


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The Team

TBWA\ Digital Arts Network Singapore

  • John Merrifield 
  • Oz Dean 
    Creative Director
  • Brent Farrell
    Managing Director
  • Antti Toivonen 
    Creative Group Head
  • Maurice Wee 
    Creative Group Head
  • James Holman 
  • Martin Loh 
  • Reginald Ocampo 
    Art Director/Illustrator
  • Daphne Tann 
    Junior Art Director
  • Sharim Gubbels 
    Senior Art Director
  • Alex Kwa 
    Art Director
  • Sean Tan 
    Senior Developer
  • Hilwan Idus 
  • Kaye Cheng 
    Social Media Creative
  • Takanori Iseki 
  • Jonathan Leck 
  • Jacinta Ong 
    Digital Account Director
  • Brent Tollman 
    Planning Director
  • Melanie Keppler 
    Senior Account Manager

Six Toes

  • Haydn Evans 
    TV Producer
  • Vinda Karunan 
    TV Producer


  • Jean Abidean 
  • Audrey Anthoney 

The Farm Digital

  • Chris PileMD
    iOS development