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Hovering above a couch, the search term “on display in my store” appears next to a location pin.

59% of consumers like to visit stores to see or touch products even if they plan to buy online, which is higher compared to last year.1

Today’s customers shop across the web, apps, and in-store, and they expect a consistent experience across each channel. For brands, this requires an omnichannel marketing strategy to ensure customer satisfaction and drive offline and online sales.

This video, which features a young person searching for spas and spa-related at-home products, highlights Google’s unique opportunities for retailers.

Smart Bidding for store visits or store sales

Smart Bidding for store visits or store sales helps you maximize online and in-store sales by adapting automatically to shifting consumer behaviors. If increasing footfall at your stores is your priority, use Smart Bidding for store visits in your Search, Shopping, and Video action campaigns. To increase store sales, use Smart Bidding for store sales to optimize bids for in-store transactions.

A view of the front of an Ilva store shows an arrow pointing upwards, indicating a 20% increase in offline sales