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Video action campaigns: Make your call-to-action part of the action

Create content that clearly drives conversion.

YouTube is great for branding and building consideration. And thanks to Video action campaigns (and its previous iteration TrueView for action), you can connect those amazing stories with a compelling, digital call-to-action.

In a nutshell, Video action campaigns are a skippable video ad optimized for conversions with Smart Bidding (Maximize Conversions or Target CPA) and a custom call-to-action accompanied by a companion banner, end card and overlay – perfect for any action, conversion and lead generation: Buy Now, Learn More, Watch More, Download, etc.

And when applied in a creative way, Video action is an exciting tool every maker can use to take advantage of the platform – helping every customer close the loop on their path to purchase in a frictionless, user-friendly way.

Some things to consider:

  • Build bespoke creative for the campaign. Utilize all the platform has to offer – explore the geography of the format with interesting graphics and in-camera techniques which highlight your call-to-action in unique ways.
  • Utilize the interactive call-to-action button. Make it blatantly obvious what you want your audience to do.
  • Take advantage of the first 5 seconds. Try to hook your audience's attention through dialogue, voiceover, sound effects and graphics.
  • Prioritize your messaging. Experiment with front-loading your offer/benefit/product or service.
  • Think mobile and smaller, dimmer screens. Tighter framing, bright footage, large text and faster pacing help stand out.
  • Consider sound design and voiceovers. YouTube is a sound-on platform, use it to make every execution that much more compelling.
  • Make your CTA bespoke to your audience or action, and try a few. For example, if you're showing off a new car, test 'Test Drive', 'Learn More' and 'Buy Now' to see which is more effective.

Head to the Creative Guidelines center for further information to help you craft your work across other YouTube and Google formats – presented by Think with Google.

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