How Closeup Dared 6.5M Viewers to Get Closer for Valentine's Day

June 2015

To engage with youths around Valentine's Day, Unilever toothpaste brand Closeup and its agencies joined Google for an ideation workshop. The result? Dating Roulette. Collaborating with YouTube creators and key opinion leaders on a series of YouTube videos, Closeup drove engagement across five markets, earning over 6.5M views.


Increase awareness of Closeup as the oral care youth brand that gives you confidence to get closer

Engage and build real connections with the young target audience to grow loyalty and advocacy


Developed Dating Roulette, a game that challenges players to make a bold move on their crush

Worked with key opinion leaders, including YouTube creators, in each market to create video content for Dating Roulette


Scored more than 6.5 million video views, with 30% coming from mobile

Best-in-class earned views in the Philippines and Vietnam

Generated more than 130,000 roulette spins and 2,200 dare submissions

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