How Axis Bank found ASAP success with YouTube

November 2018

Since 1994, Axis Bank has provided Indians with a variety of products and services to manage their finances. For the release of its Axis ASAP digital account feature, the private-sector bank launched a digital-only campaign on YouTube to drive brand interest and customer acquisition.

Develop YouTube content around key user moments

In India, banks normally reach potential customers through traditional media. Knowing that consumers increasingly spend more of their time online, Axis Bank saw an opportunity to engage its audience on mobile. Axis ASAP the bank's digital account which can be opened through the web or right from users' phones in just three easy steps. By using YouTube as its primary platform, Axis Bank was able to drive people directly from YouTube directly to Axis ASAP. The strategy paid off with improved brand reach and increased account openings.

Axis Bank took a three-step approach to its YouTube strategy. It started by identifying user moments most closely aligned with the audiences it wanted to reach — from paying bills with a mobile device to making first big purchases. From there, Axis created multiple short-form videos specific to these user moments. Lastly, the company combined popular search keywords, custom intent, and custom affinity to fully engage with its audience.

One video from Axis Bank’s campaign for Axis ASAP focused on assisting new working professionals with opening their first fixed deposit account.

Another video encouraged users to try the bill payments feature on Axis ASAP.

Digital-only approach increases new customer accounts

After running the campaign for almost four weeks, Axis Bank saw a 30% increase in new customer accounts through Axis ASAP. The company also recorded a 93% uplift in brand search volume, 234% lift in brand search interest, and a 30-35% bump in direct and organic traffic.

“We worked with Google to drive acquisition and brand interest for our new product, Axis ASAP. The brand lift and performance results reaffirm that we delivered our message to the right target audience in the most effective manner.” — Manu Monga, VP Digital Product, Axis Bank

How to create an effective YouTube strategy

Axis Bank was able to engage its audience by identifying key user moments and segmenting them with clear communication on YouTube. If you’re looking forward to moving the needle on business results with YouTube, here are a few pointers to consider:

  • Identify relevant conversations with your audience. Hook your audience in the moments that matter the most to them and simplify their decision making process by using simple, short creative that speaks to their needs. 
  • Custom intent. Transform customer intent into action. Axis Bank created multiple creative assets addressing its custom intent and affinity audiences to scale beyond search.
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