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Mobile searches for "hotels with ____" grew over 60% in the past 2 years (ac hotels with pools, albany airport hotels with shuttle service, anchorage hotels with hot tub in room, arizona hotels with lazy river, atlanta hotels with smoking rooms).

Related Data

Mobile searches for “place(s) to travel” (such as, “top places to travel in the world” and “best place to travel in february”) have more than doubled over the past two years.

Across nine markets, researching hotels and airfares on a mobile device is as common as shopping for clothing.

Smartphone users cite price as the most important factor in booking travel.

Easy search functionality and a simple booking process are also cited as important features.

Friction on a mobile site when completing a booking can lead to travelers trying another site.

of U.S. travelers agree that they "always" use their smartphones when traveling, up from 41% in 2015.