Candice's is-it-right-for-me moments

October 2016

When Candice was considering upgrading her car, she had a brand and a model already in mind. While sitting in her car, she used her smartphone to research options, and compare her current and desired vehicle.

When upgrading an automobile, many consumers are brand loyal and will look first at new models of their current vehicle. But this doesn't mean auto brands can rest on their laurels. They still have to work hard to win is-it-right-for-me moments if they're going to make the sale. Today, mobile plays a crucial role in this, with many consumers undertaking a significant part of their research online—like in Candice's case where she was sitting in her car and using her smartphone to make comparisons. Critical for Candice, and others like her, is a seamless and swift mobile experience that enables an easy way to compare specifications and browse vehicle interiors.

But auto purchases don't happen online. When shoppers move from is-it-right-for-me moments to where-should-I-buy-it moments, they need to easily find information on where and how to buy. For dealerships, your online presence might make or break the sale, so consider how easy it is for consumers to find the things they value the most, such as store location, the value of their trade-in, inventory, or dealership warranty information.

Search interest for "pictures of [automotive brand]" increased 37%, YoY.

Source: Google Trends, September 2015 vs. September 2014, United States.

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