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2022 Retail Marketing Guide: Grow your online and in-app sales-0

Almost half (49%) of consumers in surveyed countries agree that they have done more shopping online in the past year1

Today’s customers are living — and shopping — in a channel-less world, making an omnichannel strategy more important than ever. Customers expect to be able to shop wherever meets their needs, whether that’s on your site, through your app, or directly within an ad experience. Making your products available in as many places as possible is critical to growing your sales.

Create a frictionless online shopping experience

Your website and app are your digital storefront, so it’s important to deliver a fast, seamless, and personal experience to your customers. In fact, more people than ever are turning toward mobile to fulfill their needs, and apps are becoming a critical part of the shopping experience.

Grow My Store

Grow My Store delivers a comprehensive report on your website that includes competitive benchmarking, recommendations, and tailored insights to help you optimize your customer experience. For developer-friendly tips on boosting site speed, use Test My Site.

App campaigns and deep linking

Reach mobile shoppers and encourage them to make a purchase, or take another action like installing your app with App campaigns. Use app deep links to provide better mobile experiences by taking your app users from your ads directly to the corresponding app page — making it easier for them to complete their desired action.

Showcase your product information and deals across Google

To maximize sales, it’s important to showcase your products across as many places where customers turn to shop. On Google, you can now do this for free in the Shopping tab and also directly integrate your product within your ad experience.

List your products for free

We’ve made it easier for you to have your products discoverable in the Shopping tab for free on Google. You can increase your exposure at no cost to you by listing your products on Merchant Center or directly through your e-commerce platform (like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, GoDaddy, Prestashop, Loja Integrada and Mercado Shops).

Implement product feeds within your ads

If you’re using video, you now have the ability to include an interactive product feed directly within the ad unit to turn viewers into shoppers. Think of the product feed as a way to turn your ad into a digital storefront, creating a seamless path to purchase between awareness and action.

2022 Retail Marketing Guide: Grow your online and in-app sales-2

Adding annotations to your ads and free listings

Shoppers are constantly on the hunt for good deals and want to know all relevant information up front. You can now increase your click-through rates and conversions by adding information about promotions, sales, free and fast shipping options, and return and refund options directly to your product listing.

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Engage new customers across the web

Customers shop across multiple Google surfaces every day, like Search, Discover, YouTube, Maps, and the Shopping tab. To grow your online sales, it’s important to know which ad campaigns are right for you and can help you reach the right person and convert them into a loyal customer.

Performance Max campaigns

With new ways to discover, research, and purchase, customers are engaging across an ever-growing number of channels. Performance Max campaigns allow you to promote your products or services across all of Google’s advertising channels and inventory by creating one easy-to-manage campaign. Starting in April, Smart Shopping and Local campaigns will upgrade to Performance Max campaigns.

Creating one easy-to-manage campaign

2022 Retail Marketing Guide: Grow your online and in-app sales-4

Joybird, and its agency Go Fish, used Performance Max to help deliver a 95% revenue lift at a 40% higher ROAS compared to its Smart Shopping campaigns.

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Video action campaigns

A Video action campaign is a simple, cost-effective way to drive more conversions on and off YouTube. This campaign helps you drive engagement with your video ads by scaling them across the YouTube Home feed, watch pages, connected TV, and more with a clear call-to-action button.