Super-Moms in APAC: How to Be There in Mom’s Micro-Moments

Nicola Pollin / April 2016

Keeping up with the needs of a family and career while still finding time for themselves isn’t easy for moms. That’s why women across APAC are turning to search and YouTube in their moments of need. As we come up on Mother’s Day, Nicola Pollin, Sr. Industry Manager at Google APAC, gives marketers insights into how they can be a super-mom’s best sidekick.

Mums (that’s what we call them in the U.K.) are superheroes—that’s a fact! Whether they’re serving as chief executive or chief meal planner, company founder or bottle finder, mums always seem to be multitasking.

As a full-time working mum of two (a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old), I speak from experience when I say busy mums like me are increasingly turning to search and YouTube (especially on mobile) in their moments of need. Mobile sessions are growing in APAC at 60% YoY compared to 50% growth globally.1

Here’s a snapshot of the mum micro-moments I experience throughout the day and some thoughts on what your brand can do to connect with mums like me.

I-need-some-me-time moments

These days, being able to hang up my super-mum cape to enjoy an uninterrupted shower, even if it’s only for 10 minutes, feels like a miracle. Great YouTube channels dedicated to kids’ content really helps me grab some me-time while keeping my kids happy, educated, and entertained. I owe one big “Thank you” to Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom! In the past quarter in Singapore alone, the top 40 Kids and Learning category channels had 200M views.2


super mons

The U.K. has great examples of hit channels that provide fun and engaging content for kids. While the kids are set up with the tablet to watch great shows like “TheChuChuTV,” I like to squeeze in a quick yoga workout or get some inspiration for our family’s next getaway.

Brands that understand and identify moments like these can reach large mum audiences by advertising on mum-related content or keywords on YouTube and search. Brands that give mums creative content like educational (and fun!) puzzles and games for kids will score extra brownie points with mums.

I-want-to-do-it-all moments

Being a mum means tackling new and (mostly) fun questions, like how do I help my son put this toy together? Frost a princess cake? Get my kids to eat more fruit? Declutter my home?


In these I-want-to-do moments, I often turn to my smartphone for solutions. Thousands of sites and YouTube videos can offer just the know-how I’m looking for. And I’m not the only one: 38% of women in Singapore use their smartphones to look for product information at least weekly and 56% of all baby-related searches 3 were done on smartphones in 2015.

Food, toys, education, and other home-related brands can be a big help to super-mums by coaching them through these and other mum missions. Think of quick and helpful content that your brand can offer mums in these moments.

I-want-to-buy-smart moments

When I’m ready to buy, I don’t have time for a wrong purchase; taking a trip to a store (or the post office) to make a return simply doesn’t fit into my busy schedule. If I have extra time, I want to spend it playing with the kids! I need to know that I am buying wisely, which is why I turn to search and YouTube for reviews and product comparisons. More than half women in APAC (55%) use a search engine to make a purchase decision.

Remember that when mums turn to their smartphones for answers, they’re looking for an answer right away. Mums are looking for relevant and reliable product information, so consider ways your brand can inform and educate shoppers with things like product demo videos, product reviews, and FAQs.

Mobile search, in particular, creates vast opportunities for supporting super-mums. In 2015, 40% of total search queries for product reviews and price comparisons were made from smartphones.3 So be quick–use mobile search to bring mums the information they need in the nick of time and help super-mums save the day.

supers mons

I-want-to-treat-myself moments

I unwind during those rare moments I do have to myself. That usually means flicking through British Vogue, catching up on TV shows, and watching music videos. And when I’m feeling really in need of pampering, I search for spa deals!

The web is a great place for connecting with unwinding mums: 62% of Singaporean women use their smartphones to watch online videos at least weekly. Time spent watching beauty-related content grew 190% YoY in APAC.4Be there when super-mum is off-duty to help her be more effective when she is on-duty.

Superhero mums across APAC are up to the challenge, and brands can be right there with them. These mum micro-moments are great opportunities for brands to be mum’s best sidekick and provide her the information she needs in the exact moment she needs it.


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