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The future of YouTube marketing is multicultural; here’s how brands should adapt

The future is multicultural. So if brands aren’t considering inclusivity and representation as part of their marketing efforts, they risk becoming irrelevant. New research shows just how racially and ethnically diverse YouTube's users are, and what marketers need to know to reach this growing audience.

The next generation of YouTube users will be increasingly diverse

Racially and ethnically diverse users head to YouTube often and in large numbers. That trend will continue, especially considering the shifts in U.S. demographics. To attract these highly engaged and rapidly growing communities, marketers should prioritize multicultural content, viewers, and creators.

Multicultural audiences want and expect representation and inclusivity

YouTube’s users want to see storylines that reflect their daily experiences and that address issues important to their communities. Brands will do well to leverage this cultural momentum by serving audiences the representative and inclusive content they expect.